Eid Al Fitr & The Little Tooth

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Ok so Eid break is over. I felt that it was very short. A beautiful needed short break, so no complains here 🙂

I am back to work and it is super quiet here. Most of my team members are on leave. The load of work so far is not a lot this morning (which isn’t always the case by the way), so I thought that it would be a good opportunity to blog. I am a working mama, in case you were wondering. However, I only work part time.

Back to Eid AlFitr 1436 H: Overall, I expected to do more visits, but I only managed to do visits to my grandparents house (from my mum’s side), my in-laws’ house and of course, my parents house where my little family stays in temporary.

AZ, hubby and I woke up in my parents’ house.  Hubby rushed to work (yes, working in Eid) and AZ and I went on with our day. I was trying to manage my day around AZ’s naps. If he didn’t nap, he would be fussy all the time. This would only tire me (and him) in people’s houses. I didn’t want to go through that, so we only planned to leave the house after his needed naps. Here came the issue in day 1. He didn’t nap all morning except for 30 minutes here and there. Nevertheless, I didn’t want to stay home all morning, so by 12 noon, I took him, Alma the house helper and my younger sister to my grandparents’ place. Believe it or not, I haven’t seen them in 4/5 months already. It is kind of scary to be honest. I always say that I would take AZ and myself there, but the task gets postponed to tomorrow. I really need to work very hard on this. InshaAllah I can get back to my old self and see my grandparents, aunts and uncles more often. We’ll work on that. I am thinking that regular visits, but not too frequent like I used to do before. I used to go once every week. I am thinking that once every two-three weeks would be good. Or maybe once a month as I divide the other ability to visit to my other grandma and her sister’s house. I’ve always been close to my grandma’s house from my mum’s side. I guess my mum took me there the most. My grandma from dad’s side saw us the most during Eid and special occasions. Now that I think about it, I don’t think it is a good thing. I hope I can change it.

Anyways, in my grandma’s place. my eldest aunt , the second younger aunt, my grandma  and aunt in law were there. They were all over AZ, along with their maids of course. The overall comment about AZ was that he looked so much like me and shyness is his temperament. It isn’t new to me. I know that about AZ, so I gotta say that they have good observation skills. They had some visitors too, so that was nice. We stayed there for about 45 minutes. Then, we got excused because I had to help AZ nap at home.

When I arrived home (my parents place), AZ decided to nap. Hubby called saying that we would go to Merdif City Center for lunch to meet up with his side of the family. We both had to wait for Mr AZ to wake up from his nap. From this one, he napped the longest (maybe 2 hours). When he was awake we took off to the mall, but only caught up with his eldest sister, her hubby and two daughter. It was again nice. After having lunch, we went to my in-laws place and stayed there until about 8 PM.

The following day, the in laws went to their farm in RAK, but we couldn’t join. AZ didn’t sleep the whole night and kept me awake. He wanted to sleep, but was finding difficulty. Now that I think about it, I say that it could be 2 things that could have caused it (or more):

  • A) His routine was messed up with the visits and outings; or
  • B) his first little tooth was in the beginning process of coming out (I only found out about the precious tiny tooth last night when I felt it trying to break through his bottom gum. It isn’t visible yet, but it is there when you touch it. Of course, my hand and fingers are AZ’s favorite to put in his mouth so I couldn’t miss noticing it).

Anyways, we stayed home for the most part the second day, until early evening when hubby and I decided to take a ride in the car with AZ, no particular plan, just took off. We realized that everywhere would be crowded and busy with traffic, after all, Dubai gets tones of visitors (especially from Saudi) during similar breaks and holidays.

I remember that hubby and I suggested going to AD for a change and to escape the traffic LOL

Eventually, we bought dinner from Papa Johns and ate it at home.

Yesterday was another relaxing day. We stayed home.

I do think that overall, it was a good break.

Having a baby does restrict your activities for sure, but all is ok with us. They do grow very fast though and things do change اللهم اجعله الى الأفضل so it is interesting.

الحمد لله رب العالمين

I am excited for the entrance of AZ’s little tooth. He will be 9 months in 25 July, so I kind of thought that he was getting late with his teeth there lol even though Dr Anees confirmed that we had time till 12 months. Knowing that it was there was a good relief.

الحمد لله رب العالمين

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    • Thank you for stopping by and taking a moment to leave me a comment. I am new to this whole public blogging, so I am not sure how will my blog turn out to be like. I started it with the main objective to writing down my experiences (sort of a diary) and thoughts about them and about everything else.
      Let’s see how will it turn out to be like.

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