Blueberries & Dinner Invitation

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

I’ve been waiting to introduce blueberry to AZ for a while now. Yesterday, he had his first try to this fruit (side note: it is my  ultimate favorite berry).


For AZ, I added this fruit with pear and oatmeal in a puree style of food (baby food as seen in the above photo: yep, That is what we prepared for him). He wasn’t very impressed with it. He liked it “ok”, but didn’t show a big love for it. In fact, by mid feeding,. he starting shutting his mouth LOL 😀 I am just glad that he ldid eat few spoons.

Following that, we were off to visit my brother in law’s little family. It was kind of a big gathering for dinner where other relatives / in laws showed up. Of course, AZ, among the three babies who are around the similar age group, was crying the most when being held by strangers when I am not around and in a new place.  He is in that separation anixiety phase – the two other babies are also there in that age group , but it appears like AZ is showing it the most. It is tiring when you are the mom , who on the other hand would like to enjoy a little catching up time, but my baby boy comes first. To his defense, I have to admit that he did well overall and only started to cry so much towards the end of the evening at almost 10:30 PM which is way past his bed time. His bed time is between 8 and 9 PM – give or take, depending on what we have that day -.

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