ZUMA Restaurant [Food Experience]

بِسْم الله الرحمن الرحيم

I thought of sharing a post about one of my favorite restaurants in Dubai.


ZUMA is a Japanese restaurant that is located in the Dubai International Financial Center. The dishes that they serve are one of my favorites. There is something about the way they prepare their dishes that makes me want to get back to this restaurant over and over again. I think that it is the way they marinate their food that I love. I didn’t try all their dishes, but so far, I loved everything I tried.

Yesterday was the last time I was there. I started yesterday’s experience with Virgin Mojito, the drink that consists of lemon, mint and crushed ice. It is a very refreshing drink, especially during the hot summer days in Dubai. Oh I have to also mention the Virgin Mojito with passion fruit by ZUMA that I had a few sips from yesterday (not pictured here. The person who was with me ordered it). I loved it slightly more than the original one. Maybe because it was a new love to me, but nothing beats the originals, I have to admit 🙂


 followed by two styles of edamame. You’ve got the salty version…


and the spicy version of edamame. The spicy one is my favorite.

Followed by this delicious spicy beef tenderioin with sesame, red chilli and sweet soy. Yesterday, I had it “well done” for the first time. Previously, I’ve always had it medium done. I have to admit that I like it medium done best,
Crispy fried quid, green chilli and lime came next. Yum!


warning: unless you were a big spicy food lover, never eat the green chilli. It is very very spicy.

I do love spicy food, but not to this extend, so with this dish, I stick with eating the quid and lime. I like to squeeze the fresh lemon that comes with it on top of the dish before eating. so good tasting and beneficial too (vitamin C)


Corn is one of my favorite food to eat. It has been since I was a little child. Japanese sweetcorn with shiso butter from ZUMA? is a favorite of mine. They come on these stick that you can hold and eat from.

There were a couple other dishes that were served yesterday, but not pictured here. I guess I was too busy chatting and eating that I forgot. It is seriously a restaurant that is worth going to if you haven’t already and if you love Japanese food. They do have the more Japanese style food in their menu, but I like to stick with what I shared here the most.

I would also like to note that the restaurant falls under the pricey side category of restaurants in Dubai, so going there in special occasions (not frequently, that is) is what most gotta do in my opinion.

Oh! and don’t leave the place without trying their chocolate fondue. If you tried this, you wouldn’t like chocolate fondue from other places more than this, I can tell you this for sure.


Notice the chocolate that is starting to melt in the center part on the cake
The only thing that I’m not a fond of in that restaurant its their bar. I don’t drink alcohol and don’t like to sit in places that serve them. Night time in ZUMA is more crowded because the bar is opened. Therefore, I only have lunch there. No dinner for me in ZUMA, thank you very much.

I always joke by saying that one day, I will work in this restaurant as a chef assistant for the main chef, learn how they prepare their food, and have my own ZUMA at home 😀 Why not? it isn’t a bad idea at all.

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