Too Many Falls For My Comfort 

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Ok so baby AZ is at this crawling into everything and exploring stage. He is also in the stage of pulling himself upwards on anything he can put his hand on.

In just a short period, he fell a lot. Even if there was no object on the ground, he would still manage to fall شكله حالف إن يطيح and lands on his head or face. I am not an experienced mama; this is all new to me, but my gut feeling doesn’t feel comfortable with the number of time he falls. Today alone, he landed on his head TWICE already and it is still just 12 PM. So the number of time might increase towards the end of the day.

After his second fall today, I put him in his BECO Gemini carrier and had him close to my chest at all times. This is more effective than baby proofing the place to avoid more falls, but I know that it isn’t a smart idea to help him learn his next milestone : standing. What can a mama do? I also know that I will not carry him for longer today. I also know that he will fall some more. I guess I need to live with it.

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