Our Pink Friend

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Our Pink Friend_Fotor

I thought that it would be a good idea to have a post of introduction to our pink friend Matto. In case you were wondering, I am an animal lover. I’ve always had pets since I was a little child. Always. I must admit that having pets and caring for them taught me a sense of responsibility at a young age.

I have a feeling that baby AZ will be an animal lover too – or that is what I hope for – believe it or not, he managed to kill a couple of the smallest version of ants with his little fingers a week ago. Now, I know that he doesn’t know what they actually are and that he just wanted to explore the moving creatures when he accidentally killed them during the process, but it was still surprising to me when I first saw his do that.

Back to Matto: hmm where can I begin. There is a lot to say about this goofy friend of mine. He is an Australian Galah, a member of the cockatoo species. He is a very good member of the family. Being a clown is a job of his. “Galah” is an old Australian slang which means something like “Clown” . I think that they chose the perfect word to name this species because Matto makes us giggle. He loves to dance and sings.

He is also very good at mimicking what he hears: from words to sound effects. If he saw you put on your “abaya” , carrying your bag and getting ready to leave the house, he would say “bye bye”. He also says “I love you” to bribe you (um! I mean convince you) to share your toast with him. He can say a couple names of family members and more words he says more words and makes tones more sound effects (from door shut noise, to high heel steps on the ground, to kissing sound, to whispering..etc).

Matto is a very social creature. He enjoys being around people. Ever since baby AZ came along, Matto showed his attention to the baby. In fact, he learned how to mimic AZ’s cries. He also giggles when he hears AZ giggles. When I sing a baby song to AZ, he joins by making his own version of song 😀

I’ve had Matto in 2011 and the family calls him Matto the most as his name. Matto means parrot in Arabic and he knows how to say this word pretty well. He also sings the Matto song. One day, I need to share a video of him doing that.


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