بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


Baby AZ is only 9 months old, but he has already been in his first car accident when he was around 4 months old. It was a scary experience. I didn’t see it coming. In fact, my car was in a still motion, when all of a sudden , we felt a strong hit from behind. The hit was hard enough to wake baby AZ up and make him cry out very loud — and for me to be shaken.

I called the ambulance straight away. I didn’t know what to do/expect with a young crying infant whom I was sure did hit his head from the shake caused by the hit because my head hit my seat, so I expected something similar to him. He also didn’t stop crying despite my attempts to soothe him.

When the ambulance arrived, the first question they had for me was: “Did he fall away from his place due to that accident”. I was relieved and thankful to Allah that my baby boy was in his infant car seat with his seatbelt fastened. Ambulance men told me that baby AZ “seemed” acting normal. It was probably the shock of the accident that made him cry non stop. They also told me to take him to his pediatrician if I wanted a piece of my mind. I mean, his head was my only concern. It looked fine from the outside, but I didn’t know the inside of it. When I took him there (straight away), the doctor checked on him and said that he was behaving normally. He didn’t want to let him go through x rays / CT scan or anything like it at that age. He said that I should watch him for the following 24 hours and bring him back if I noticed any strange behavior.

Those were a worry-some 24 hours of my life that I was glad passed with normal activities from Baby AZ اللهم لك الحمد

I searched for baby car decals and got myself the decal (car sticker) which you see in this post above; hoping that drivers would be more careful when driving around us next time. The accident that baby AZ was in with me involved a hard hit because the other car was speeding above 100 km/hr before hitting the motionless car of ours.

It kind of made me angry to be honest because my car was not even moving, just standing there when the other lady hit us.

قدر الله ما شاء فعل… الخمدلله ان ماكان أسوأ

My advice to all parents with children is seatbelts, seatbelts, seatbelts!! Even if you were the most careful driver out there, you can’t ensure the driving style of others. The roads in Dubai is not the safest. We do have people from everywhere here afterall.

Safe rides are wished to you and your loved ones.

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