Baby Snug [Product Review]

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


A friend gave Baby AZ a gift voucher from Mamas & Papas when he was born. I went to that store with baby AZ when he was almost 3 months of age to use that voucher.

I didn’t have anything specific in my mind, but I just went to look around and see what they had. One thing about myself is that I don’t like to get things that I will use little or non from. I don’t think there is someone who would like doing that anyways. With a baby, I notice that I have to do trail and error quite more than I would like.

Anyways, when I was in Mamas & Papas, the Baby Snug caught my eyes. There were a variety of colors, but we went with the purple one. We didn’t use it straight away because AZ wasn’t sitting assisted yet at that time. When he was 4-5 months old, we started using it gradually. A very short while each session to aid sitting.

As he grew, we started using it a lot; everyday now as there is the place that he sits on when he eats.

What a wonderful purchase this was and still is for us.

I love it due to the following:

  • We were able to use it since baby AZ was \4 months old. The instruction says that it is good from 3 months of age. I waited a little longer and have been using it ever since.
  • I love It’s many usage/purposes for baby AZ. At first I thought that it would be helpful for feeding mainly, but I then realized we can also use it for
    • Bath time since he is mobile now which makes bath time more challenging on me;
    • I also use it for photography; again, since he is mobile, this helps at keeping him in one spot; and
    • I also use it when I cannot supervise him for few minutes and I want him to stay put in one place as I get things done.
  • We used the baby snug for the last 6 months and can still use it for more months to come. The purple insert can be removed to fit the growing baby. We still need and use the purple insert.
  • It’s portability. I mean who wouldn’t like to have something similar to a high chair than can be moved easily everywhere. We take it to our in laws’ house and any other houses we are invited to too. It is easy to move, carry and transfer, even in the same house.
  • It is easy to maintain. Just a quick wash will clean it all up. I take it to the sink to do the cleaning.
  • It’s design and color. It looks pretty cool. I also love it’s purple-ness.
  • It comes with a tray that we use especially when feeding him. It keeps him the safest. There is no way he can wiggle out of it this way
  • It also comes with a fun toy which baby AZ loves and makes him stay in occupied.
  • You can also include your baby’s own favorite own toys on the tray that can keep them occupied.

I don’t regret getting the baby snug at all. My sister in law got us a high chair for baby AZ. It is the traditional high chair for feeding. The long legged chair that you put close to the family’s table. Unfortunately, we didn’t use it to this day because the baby snug took over. One thing to note though, if you were going to put this snug on a high surface, always put it in the center (way too far from the edges) and always make sure that someone is there to watch out.



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