Baby Weaning Spoons [Product Review]

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


“Sometimes, the best products are the not commonly heard of” Emirati Mama

So I included a new page in my blog as a section for baby product reviews. In there, I explain the reasoning as to why I decided to do it.

Anyways, in this post, I will  write about my experience with Baby Weaning Spoons.

Getting feeding spoons when introducing solids didn’t seem important to the new-to-motherhood-me back then. I didn’t research the different spoon (products) out there. I saw a variety in baby stores. It was overwhelming on one hand, but easy decision to make on the other hand.

I blindly went to purchase this set of spoons from Tommee Tippee. The company seems like one of those well known, trusted companies by mommies; this was the impression I had about it when doing readings in the http://www.  The set looked colorful and bright as well.

Also, my friend whose son is a year older than mine has those and said everything good about them. She also mentioned that hers change color to yellow to indicate if the food was too warm for baby. I happily got the above pictured set for baby AZ. These don’t change color but they still seemed good to me. After purchasing them, I learned that these were not good for us. We only used two and the rest I didn’t even open them. Now I wonder what should I do with them. If you have any idea, please share them below.

Here is a brief back story: Baby AZ started solids when he turned 6 months old. It was an adjustment process that took 3-4 weeks for my boy to actually start liking and accepting solids. Those spoons weren’t helpful in our case during the early days/weeks of eating solids because the area that carries the food is a bit deep for Baby AZ to manage and get all the remaining food out of it. He didn’t put efforts into taking out all the food in the spoon and was getting frustrated during his feeding sessions. I remember we were with my mother in law once and she was feeding him when she commented on the way the spoon was designed (in particular, the side where the food sits before going to the baby’s mouth). She said that its design could be the reason why baby AZ is not having a pleasant feeding session because his not experienced mouth back then wasn’t sure how to get the whole food in the spoon.

That was my turning point when I decided to look for another spoon. His no desire to eat solids was getting me worried at some point because I learned that milk (be it breastmilk or formula) alone is no longer enough for a 6+ months old baby.

I didn’t research what is available out there. I was in Lulu Hypermarket that day to do a quick diaper purchase when I found a set of two spoons. I took a closer look at the area that carries the food and realized that those are more flat/less deep, comparing to tommee tippee set. The package also mentioned that you could start feeding your baby with them at 3+ months. I know that some mommies start feeding their babies at 4 months of age, so these are a good fit.

I wanted a set of at least two spoons for baby AZ, but I didn’t like the fact that you are forced to take blue AND PINK together. I got hesitant a little there, I remember. I didn’t want to get them because I didn’t want to feed baby AZ in pink. Then I thought: what real difference or impact will a little pink add to an eating infant? After all, who decided that pink is a girl’s color? in which rule book is this mentioned? Where is it written in history that blue is just for boys and pink is just for girls? I put my hesitation aside and focused on what was more important: Baby AZ needed to learn how to eat solids and start liking it. I was hoping that this set will make the difference. Thankfully, the spoons did make a difference in baby AZ’s experience in eating solids. I remember how excited I was. THANKS LULU BABY. Sometimes, the best products are the not commonly heard of. This was for sure our experience in weaning spoons. To date, we still use them for baby AZ who is 9 months old now. He loves them.


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