Baby’s First Birthday Party Invitation 

بِسْم الله الرحمن الرحيم


Baby AZ was invited to the first birthday party celebration. I received the above invitation electronically via whatsapp. I had to block out the name and address for privacy purposes. My friend’s son celebrated his 2nd birthday early in 8 August 2015. His actual second birthday is in 16 August 2015.  It was a pool party at his grandma’s house. My friend did a wonderful job at putting everything together. She also arranged a photographer to capture all the special moments. The celebration was mainly in the garden -clearly since it was a pool party- . There was a big inflatable slide which the older kids were able to climb and slide right to the inflatable/portable pool.

Baby AZ went into the pool for the second time of his life during that day. I wasn’t sure if he was going to like it. He didn’t mind the first time I put him in a pool when he was around 6 months of age, but I was slow at the introduction and the place was quiet. He only took a 10 minutes round in the pool the first time. At the birthday party last Saturday though, it was filled with women, kids and noise. My friend was the one who held him in the second time. He did cry at first. She then went so slow and with plenty of my encouragement in my tone of voice as I showed him the water balls and water toys. He got interested in the toys and started liking the pool. He was splashing with his little hands and feet. It was so beautiful to watch.

The kids (ranging between the ages of 9 months and 3 years old) all had a blast. So did we, moms. The cake theme was the lion king. There were actually two cakes 😀

One had a Simba on top which I thought was adorable

The second cake had the sunrise view. The candle was let on this one

The adorable birthday boy had a minion themed outfit. He was adorable. He wasn’t as excited to get indoor to blow the candle though, but he did well next to his mama at blowing his candle 😉

This birthday celebration made me wonder about baby AZ’s soon to be first birthday (after about a couple months and a half). It is fascinating , exciting and sad at the same time to realize how time is flying. He will always be my baby boy though ❤

I might be a minority out there, but I plan not to throw birthday parties for my boy. My parents used to throw birthday parties for me, up until I turned 10 years old. But I don’t see myself doing that for mine for a few reasons I have.

I am all for photography though. It is a hobby of mine, so I plan to schedule a photoshoot for him. Let’s see how will it go.

2 thoughts on “Baby’s First Birthday Party Invitation 

  1. It indeed was a cute day out.
    As of wanting not to throw out birthday parties for my boy – I don’t see the point of hosting a big party for it. There are different and other ways to celebrate in my opinion, especially in times when people started to go beyond the board at hosting these parties. I would like to take a simplicity approach when raising my boy 🙂


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