The Flying Time 

بِسْم الله الرحمن الرحيم  

Is it just me, or does “Time” fly so fast?
August is over? Wait, we are almost heading towards the end of 2015? 

The way time flies never failed to amaze me.

Now that I am blessed with a child, it is having an every bigger impact on me.

Today, my husband and I bought baby AZ his very first shoes. We got him a pair of crocs shoes that are too cute for words. The pair is a bit bigger on his feet for now. It will fit him more within then the next 6 months or so. I am hoping that he would be walking by then so he can enjoy them.

My friend who has a 2 years old son gave crocs shoes good review for outdoor play time, especially around water.

Baby AZ got few infant shoes already but those were gifts from sweet and thoughtful people. Baby AZ outgrew these shoes. Unfortunately, he didn’t wear these shoes more than once or twice. Call me crazy but to date, baby AZ goes barefoot most of the time when summer season started. Before Summer, he had socks all the time. I personally don’t see the point of him wearing shoes because he doesn’t walk.  It didn’t seem practical to me. Besides, I’ve read that it is better for baby feet to be free / no tight shoes to help these little feet grow ❤

I will need to do more research on baby (I think I should say Toddler) shoes.

Baby AZ is holding on furnitures adorabley these days. He is practicing his stands MashaAllah.

I love my boy so much.

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